Deluxe Indian Pre Bonded Stick Tip Hair Extensions

B Inspired Signature Collection

Pre Bonded Stick Tip Hair Extensions are in high demand… customers are drawn to the fact that there are no chemicals, glue or heat used in neither the application nor removal of these hair extensions.

B Inspired's Signature Collection, Deluxe Indian pre bonded stick tip hair extensions, often known as 'I' tip extensions,  offer endless creativity when extending our client's hair. Because the technique involves using individual strands, our skilled stylist can fashion a never-ending combination of multi tonal looks. B Inspired's Signature Collection of hair extensions are available in a large selection of shades.

Product Features

So what sets our stick tip extensions apart from any other Hair Extension Supplier? Here is everything you need to know:

  • 1 Gram Strands

  • Double Drawn hair

  • Deluxe Indian Remy Cuticle Correct Hair

  • NEW Softer Keratin Tips, allowing the tips to flatten and mould around the tube, thus creating a flat and seamless bond

  • Lasts up to 3 - 6 month when treated with the correct aftercare products

  • The combination of 1gram weighted strands with double drawn hair gives amazing fullness from root to tip, helping to create a full look every time.

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